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Annot Rhul - "Lost in the Woods "
(Sulatron Records ST0703)



Annot Rhül from Norway has already released one CD-R called Who Needs Planes or Time Machines, When There’s Music and Daydreams? This CD on Sulatron Records includes that plus a brand new Lost in the Woods EP. Annot Rhül’s band features members for example from the excellent Seid. The music is really exquisite, atmospheric and varies from soft, floating stuff through prog to heavy stoner/space rock. There are a lot of different kinds of keyboards like organ, electric piano, Moogs and Mellotron. Lost on the Woods also has some vocals, but the previous album is totally instrumental.

The first six tracks on this disc form the Lost in the Woods EP. It begins with the excellent, soft Pink Floyd styled title track. Great male vocals. The melancholic, descending, slow and beautiful “Ghost Children” continues in a fine way including male and female vocals and for example Mellotron. “Deadly Nighshade” is a short interlude after which comes the peaceful, pretty and mystical “Roses Blue”. The short and frightening “Sailing on the River Styx” is like from some horror movie or King Diamond album. The EP finishes with heavy stoner/space rock masterpiece “The Dark Lord” that really rocks and is quite similar to Seid. Sure, the lyrics are inspired by Tolkien. A totally amazing EP!

Who Needs Planes or… starts off with a short intro piece ”Mirage”. The beautiful track called “Evergreen Forest” has a woody, folky feel to it and it again reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd. Right after it comes the rather progressive, later on also heavier and psychedelic “Planes or Time Machines” that includes a great organ solo and some totally great going in every way! “Light” is a 60’s styled, airy and keyboard-driven track that also has for example some lapsteel. The nice and groovy “Carlos’ Brothers” brings to mind The Hypnomen from Finland and includes for example sitar to add an Eastern feel to it. “Sans Coup” progresses in ¾ time and has an amusement park atmosphere. The nice “King Arthur” is closer to surf and beat music. “Knife Valley” starts the rocking again, great! “The Haunted Mansion” is a more peaceful number. One of the best tracks is for sure “Aurora Borealis” that is based on a hypnotic sequencer pattern and is a really marvellous piece also including some ebow guitar and psych burbles, among other things. This sounds a little like Tangerine Dream. The album ends with the Mexican moods of “Stung by Cactus”. Although the music on the album is very varied it forms a really interesting and strong whole and will be spinning at my house for a long time. Highly recommended!

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