The Annot Rhül Surf Experience

November 2004.

Annot Rhül's take on 60's Garage and Surf Music.


01. Tractor
02. It Takes Two To Tango
03. Shootout!
04. Annot Brül
05. White Horse
06. Life's at Another Place

All songs written by Annot Rhül, except #6 which was written by Annot Rhül and George Tanderø.

Annot Rhül: Epiphone ES335, Fender Jazzmaster, Umbraco Key, Farfisa Compact and Wurlitzer.
Burt Rocket: Drums, Hofner Bass, Fender Jazzmaster, Roland SH-5, Wurlitzer, Farfisa Compact, Yamaha CS5, Korg Lambda, Guiro, Claves, Tambourin, Eggs and Vibraslap.

Annot Radio

Pics from the studio


# 08.02.29: Babyblaue-seiten (German)

# 05.05.02: Reverb Central (English)


"Life's At Another Place" was used by Imagine on their "River Surfing 101" DVD.


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