Lost in the Woods EP

September 2007

Annot Rhül's horror film inspired EP.


01. Lost in the Woods
02. Ghost Children (The Haunted Mansion part II)
03. Deadly Nightshade
04. Roses Blue
05. Sailing on the River Styx
06. The Dark Lord

All songs and lyrics by Annot Rhül, except;
Roses Blue by Joni Mitchell (taken from the album Clouds, 1969, Reprise Records)
Sailing on the River Styx theme by Annot Rhül and Johan Hals Jørgensen
Vocal melodies on Lost in the Woods and Ghost Children by Jürgen Kosmos
Ghost Children refrain harmonies by Lene Stakset

Burt Rocket: Burns Bass on 1 and 6, Vocals on 6
Halvor William Sanden: Yamaha Drums
Jürgen Kosmos: Vocals on 1, 2 and 4
Lene Stakset: Vocals on 2
Organ Morgan: Nordelectro and SpaceEcho on 1, Mellotron M400s on 1, 2 and 6, MiniMoog on 1 and 6, Farfisa Compact on 4 and 6
Stian Gjelvold: Harp on 4, Chanting, Vocals, Organ and Mellotron on 5, Percussion on 6
Sven Arne Skarvik: Gretsch Lapsteel on 1 and 4, Percussion on 1, 4 and 5
Annot Rhül: Remainder

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# September 2007: Aural Innovations #37
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