Moon Module

Fall 2007, Annot Rhül gathered together some friends to support his "Lost in the Woods" album with a couple of concerts. Some of these wanted to continue playing together, and they formed a band!

The band:
Erlend Naalsund - Bass
Torfinn Belbo - Drums
Lars Hyldmo - Organ and Keys
Annot Rhül - Guitars

In common, they share a fascination for Pink Floyd, 70s progrock and some 90s Smashing Pumpkins. We are currently trying to rehearse the whole classic "Echoes" by Pink Floyd and are writing own songs and working on a demo/promo.

Moon Module is just like Spinal Tap, in some ways. In the first half of 2008, they had 4 drummers. Their fates luckily not as bizarre as Spinal Tap (no drowning in other people's puke or strange gardening incidents here), however one joined a country band and another continued playing guitar in a rockabillyband. Their first drummer substituted for their first and only concert. However, a permanent sollution to the "drummer problem" presented itself in the apparition of Torfinn Belbo, percussion wiz extraordinare.