Annot Rhül played keyboards with Monkfish at a concert at Brando, Trondheim, 9th of January 2007. Listen to the tracks "Out" and "Decieved" at myspace.

The band was:
Haakon Botnan - Bass
Erlend Naalsund - Guitars, Backing vocals
Audun Kvitland Rĝstad - Guitars
Roger Vĉrnes - Drums and Glockenspiel
Tore Magnus Sĝrum - Vocals
Annot Rhül - Guest keyboards and percussion

This proved to be the last ever Monkfish concert - now they've regrouped and reformed into the band Asiago. During Fall 2007, Erlend joined Annot Rhül on bass and vocals for concerts supporting the release of "Lost in the Woods". Now Annot Rhül and Erlend are members of Moon Module.
It's also possible to see live clips from the concert at Monkfish's facegroupgroup.