Fru Lundgreen , Trondheim

Release show for Lost in the Woods



1. Echoes (Pink Floyd)
2. Lost in the Woods
3. Ghost Children
4. Roses Blue (Joni Mitchell)
5. Knife Valley
6. Surya
7. The Dark Lord



Annot Rhül (guitars)
Erlend Naalsund (bass, guitar, vocals)
Organ Morgan (keys)
Lene Stakset (drums, vocals)
Sven Arne Skarvik (keys, lapsteel, vocals)

Erlend B. Havdal (guest vocals on "The Dark Lord")


Promotional text:

On September 29. Annot Rhül invites you to the release concert for his upcoming album Lost in the Woods at Fru Lundgreen in Trondheim. Lost in the Woods is a compilation of two releases; Who Needs Planes or Time Machines, When There’s Music and Daydreams? (2006) and the brand new Lost in the Woods EP. The first is an eclectic journey through psychedelic rock, progressive rock, krautrock, mariachi surf, as well as a bunch of genres even Annot Rhül does not know the name of. Lost in the Woods EP is inspired by horrorfilms and psychedelic rock.
Come on and be a part of this exciting evening of rock at Fru Lundgreen, where Annot Rhül will be joined by the helping hands of Organ Morgan (Seid, Bomber, Tremolo Wankers, Schtöggminator), Erlend Naalsund (Monkfish), Lene Stakset (Zetored, Geisha, Radio Saglars) and Sven Arne Skarvik (The Love Revolt, Ningun Extremo, Amberville).

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