Annot Rhül is not a band in the traditional sense of the word, but a pseudonym for Sigurd Lühr Tonna, the man behind the music and arrangements. He plays the guitar, keys and effects, sometimes bass as well as other peculiar instruments. Sigurd is often joined in the studio by his creative friends on additional instruments. Lost in the Woods was made with the help from three members of Seid; Burt Rocket, Organ Morgan and Jürgen Kosmos, as well as; Haakon Marius Pettersen (Fuckface, Moving Oos, New Violators), Lene Stakset (Zetored, Geisha, Radio Saglars), Sven Arne Skarvik (Love Revolt, Ningun Extremo, Amberville), Stian Gjelvold (Nopia), Halvor William Sanden (Fritt Fall), and Ståle Norum (Tremolo Wankers, Thrush, Funny Farm).


On September 10. 2007 Annot Rhül's new album Lost in the Woods is being released through the Austrian record company Sulatron Records. Lost in the Woods is a compilation of two releases; Who Needs Planes or Time Machines, When There’s Music and Daydreams? (2006) and the brand new Lost in the Woods EP. The first was recorded and produced from 2003 to the spring of 2005, it is an eclectic journey through psychedelic rock, progressive rock, krautrock, mariachi surf, as well as a bunch of genres even Annot Rhül does not know the name of. Lost in the Woods EP is inspired by horrorfilms and psychedelic rock.